Diabetes always on my mind!

This is pretty ridiculous. My boyfriend text messaged me a bit ago with “Jackie are you okay?”

I start responding back with “Why wouldn’t I be?”

Before I can finish I get another message saying “Are you okay?” Then another “Are you okay, Jackie?”

And it makes me nervous for one reason only: I start to think I had a bad low blood sugar last night and don’t remember it. And he’s trying to check up on me now since I leave for work before he wakes up. Seriously.

But then he calls me laughing and I realize he was actually quoting a song, one of my favorite songs actually, and replacing the name in the song lyrics, Annie, with mine.

How ridiculous that my first thought jumped to diabetes! Even though I haven’t had any bad nighttime lows like what I was fearing since I’ve been on the pump. My BS has actually been a bit higher than normal this morning, so I even started justifying the reason for that as having a low last night. Ha!

hahahaha, yeah my boyfriend repeats the phrase… JILL you may have diabetes, BUT you arnt diabetes!!
so true though, its always on my mind haha

You’ve been hit by a smooth criminal!