Diabetes Ambassador

As I have been traveling for work and up and down I75 for school I feel some times like a Diabetes Ambassador. I do most of my traveling alone and if I am traveling for work I sometimes will be wearing a clerical collar. When I test or fiddle with my pump in a restaurant, hospital, mall or any open public area people seem to be interested. Some time it a person who had cared for some one with diabetes years ago and is surprised how small my meter is and that it is not plugged into the wall, often it is someone newly diagnosed maybe an adult, parent or child. We talk about our types and treatments. I have played the bg game (guessing what the bg reading will be) with diabetic children to help them get over the finger sticking issues. I am happy to do this.

Then sometime I am the Diabetic Embassy. Last week in class a T2 class mate drank an energy drink and started to go hypo. I felt a tap and handed over the sugar tabs. I find my self as pastor defending absent diabetic members. Some people just don’t understand what neuropathy and swinging sugars can do to a body. Or when a new treatment comes out, or a T2 is told they need insulin, or what about a pump I often get the call.

So If you happen to see some guy perhaps wearing a clerical collar discussing pumping, meters, playing the bg game with a child, handing our sugar tablets, or in general acting like a “diabetic ambassador” come on over the the “embassy” and say hello.


that was a great post Matthew!