Diabetes and Basal Cell Carcinoma

I was just told that I have a basal cell carcinoma that needs to be removed. It will be a simple outpatient surgery in which I will only have local anesthesia. I have been looking for anything that states if having a basal cell carcinoma affects diabetes managment in any way (it is not infected). I can’t find anything. Do any of you know?

It shouldn’t at all. BCC is a very common skin cancer and should present no problems other than stress related. Since it is removed via an incision with a local rather than general you should not have any major issues. Try to stay calm and not worry about it. If you stress out you could send your BG way higher with stress compared to anything the doc will ever do.

SuFu, Ph.D.


It is a breeze! I had a basal cell in the '70’s that had to be removed. It was right square smack in the middle of my forehead. I had no problems with anything. Good luck and don’t stress out over it.


I had one removed on my side, albeit before I was diabetic, and it was done before I knew they started. It literally took all of 15-30 minutes from the time they injected the anesthetic.