Diabetes and cholesterol

I have type 2 diabetes but i am on an insulin pump (except for the last month as mine broke and i am waiting ona new one…long story) i have a cholesterol problem where i cant process fat! I break out with a rash tht looks like hives but it is hard little “hives” and they hurt. They feel like you are sittig on marbles. They are usually the size of a small BB or smaller and red in color. Anyone have any ideas on ways to cut fat on a very very low budget? I am a single mom of 2 kids, on disability and live off a lil under $600 a month!

Hi Amie. I have to read the labels on anything I buy because of my Celiac and food intolerances, which I’m sure you’re already doing. If you do your own baking, you can substitute applesauce or even pumpkin puree for the oil. If there is a butcher in your grocery, they can get rid of fat in meats; ground turkey, for instance, should be white meat only, no brown included. Dried milk costs less than fresh and is fat-free. Good luck with this difficult problem.

Hi Amie. We aren’t allowed to put the exact same posting on both blogs and discussions, but you would probably get more comments with a similar question in the discussions forum.

Hey Annie – do you take Niacin? My endo doc put me on 500 every morning and 1000 every night and it has made a huge difference in my cholesterol numbers. I have digestion problems - gastroparesis - so I know about food causing special problems. If I eat the wrong thing it sits in my stomach. So good luck. Hope the niacin helps.

If I am not mistaken, you don’t have a dietary cholesterol problem, you have a lipid problem. I’m not clear cutting dietary fat will help, getting your blood sugar under control will probably be more helpful. High trigrlycerides are associated with high blood sugars. .

Hi Amie!
I cant answer your question, but I may have a solution to your very low budget. If you are interested in hearing more I can put you in touch with someone I know very well who may be able to help you out in a fun way. I will send a friend request so you may contact me privately.