Diabetes and Exercise Research at Marquette University: Paid Volunteers Needed

I am a research assistant at Marquette University in the area of Exercise Science and am currently researching diabetes and exercise in the Milwaukee area. Please see the information below.

Type 2 Diabetes Research Study

People with Type 2 diabetes and
healthy adults aged 40 years or over are
encouraged to participate in exercise
science and physical therapy research
at Marquette University
Compensation Provided
Contact Bonnie Schlinder DeLap

in the laboratory of Dr. Sandra Hunter at
(414) 288-6674
Email: bonnie.schlinder-delap@marquette.edu

I have T1 but am over 40 and healthy. I'm in Chicago but wouldn't mind a trip north for an interesting project. I have a CGM and a Garmin 405 full of all sorts of data you're more than welcome to too...

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The studies at the research facility in my community never want Type 1s... I always get disappointed when I check their current list of studies.