Diabetes and genetics


My Ancestry tested out with Western Europe, Ireland Scotland and Scandinavia. So I have that link . I am LADA. I had an Uncle that died in his 30’s in the 1950’s, so it does run in my family. My father had thyroid disease and I have a niece that has Crohn’s, and allergies are rampant in our family.

I can pinpoint almost exactly when mine started as I was testing about every 3-6 months just because I could. I had caught a lingering respiratory virus and then my Mom died about 6 months after that and my Bg had it’s first elevation within 2 months after that.


Not sure if I am misunderstanding but I know someone that was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 3. I was diagnosed at 17 though.


Tapestry, yes I have arthritis in my both hands, knees, and feet. I also have a lot of pain in my shoulders, back and hips. Plus I have rally bad limited movement in my shoulders, arms, and hips. My doctor was trying to rule out Psoriatic Arthritis too but I don’t think it’s that. I have never had skin issues or rashes. I have a few family members with RA but my doctor doesn’t think it’s that though. She initially thought Ankylosing Spondylitis but I do not have anything severe like the bamboo spine type of thing. I do have severe stiffness throughout my body and now the arthritis.


I haven’t done the ancestry tests myself yet but my family members have. I think we have the Western Europe area too. I definitely have had issues allergies too and multiple autoimmune issues.
Sorry, it must have been extremely hard losing your mom.
I was diagnosed in high school. I know that I had gotten chicken pox a few years before that. Also, about 6 months before I found out I had Type 1 a friend of mine died from Meningitis. That was stressful and I actually saw her a couple of days before she died when she was sick. So I definitely feel grateful and blessed to just have gotten the Type 1 as a teenager.


I’ll have to dig for the research source I’m referring to, but I too am in the same situation as you. I’m nearly 100% Dutch. While living in the Netherlands I participated in a research program that later published a report that started a mutation of the Epstein Barr virus was tracked back to '79-80 and subsequently new Type1 were reported that were first in family history. I developed it in '87 with the symptoms described in the report.

The theory was that the genetic makeup presented the opportunity for Type1 only due to the mutated virus.


Interesting point. My genetic testing also showed that I’m at a higher risk of having high resting BG (if I didn’t have diabetes), compared to the reference population. So I definitely have some sort of positive selection for higher BG, that isn’t as harmful as full blown diabetes.


I posted some information on another post on T1D and thyroid issues, which I discussed how the Prometheaus report showed that I had a higher chance of T1D and thyroid cancer (two of the top issues it flagged), both of which I have/had. There seems to be a connection between these two for a lot of diabetics?


Hi Mike, thanks for the information. So what specific tests did they do? My sister actually did the 23 and me test but I didn’t see anything regarding diabetes risk and thyroid cancer. I was thinking about doing this and still might. I did get my Endo to run Antibody tests though and they also want to do an Ultrasound since my glands are swollen. It’s not swollen a lot so I wasn’t sure if maybe I could just be starting to get more autoimmune issues.


23andme sequences your DNA and creates a file of the results. This is just the raw data then Promethease runs the data through there extensive and constantly updated database on DNA research to find if any of the genes thats match the findings and creates a detailed report of the results. The reports can be view based on a grading system that shows the magnitude of good to bad results. For example in the bad it could say you are X times more likely to develop type 1 diabetes and good could say you are X times less likely to develop Alzheimers. The best thing is to go to promethease.com and check out there information and video. I do have to say it is a little complex to understand and manipulate the results file but the video should help you understand how to do it.

23andme offers the basic DNA sequencing file and ancestry data in the basic package and for additional cost some limited medical information. My suggestion is just to get the basic ancestry package and skip the medical information as the promethease information offers so much more and you can always pay for the 23andme medical information later if you want it.


For the genetically pre-programmed problems that you can’t do anything to prevent, who wants to know? It would be like opening an envelope containing the exact date of your death. While knowing that might help planning, most people would say the fear and dread as the day approaches would make it not worth knowing.


Ok thanks. It’s definitely interesting. I know my Rheumatologist figured out that I have autoimmune arthritis with an antibody test. None of the other blood work showed Inflammatory arthritis. I knew something was wrong and was having a hard time walking/moving around. So I definitely think this type of thing can help people. Well any extra information to give your doctor could help. It’s true what you say though that some people might not want this type of information. I just find It interesting and think it could help if you have a lot of symptoms and your doctor can’t figure out why.


Thanks @Mike_F for the information. It is amazing what we can do today.

@Seydlitz I understand and can appreciate what you are saying. I watched my mother suffer, who knew her time was limited, once diagnosed with cancer. Then, my husband’s mother was given three-months to live with her diagnosis. It was definitely harder for them both, knowing the end was near, but not knowing how near. My husband’s mom lived three times as long as the doctors had said and my mom died three times faster.

All that said and experienced, I don’t know what I want to know. I do know I’m not as healthy as I wish I was. I drew the unlucky genetic straw from my father’s side.


That’s your choice. I would rather know if there are medical problems I am predispositioned to get so I can let my Doctor know and we can be on the lookout for the symptoms. Having been through thyroid cancer the key was catching it early, which also applies to any type of cancer and many medical conditions. I found my thyroid cancer early and had it removed and there are no signs of further issues!


It’s not for everyone, I understand that, but I personally don’t like surprises when it comes to health, so I would much rather know something is coming than just pop out of the blue. Also, I’m just too curious to not know when the option is available. :stuck_out_tongue:
I found out that I’m homozygous for the H63D variation for hereditary hemochromatosis. It’s highly unlikely that I will suffer iron overload with this mutation (C282Y mutation is the most “penetrative”), but now I know I should stay away from iron supplements of all sorts, because my intestinal uptake of iron is “superior” to the non-mutant population. I also have borderline high levels of iron in my blood, but within the reference range still, and this explains why. :slight_smile: