Diabetes and mindset

No matter how long one has lived with diabetes,it is very possible to take better care of yourself if you aren’t.
Whether you have spent years ignoring your health care team’s advice or even avoiding them, today you can decide you will be the master of your diabetes, not the other way around.
When you do, you would live healthy for as long as possible.
Living with diabetes is a journey and not a destination.There are conscious things to do.
The first thing to do is to decide what you truly want.
Then you shift your thinking.Rather than seeing your diabetes care as something you have to do,see it as something you choose to do.Stop seeing yourself as one who is being forced into such activities like testing your blood sugar, losing weight and exercising. However get yourself into the control seat of your diabetes by saying to yourself, ’ I choose to exercise,lose some weight, test my blood sugar. ’ etc.
Then thirdly, recognise the benefit of actually doing the task.For instance, ‘By losing even a small amount of weight I can maintain a good BMI range and reduce my risk of complications.’ When you focus on the benefits,the importance of the task would be so glaring to you.
The truth is, everything we do in life is a choice.
By changing your mindset from ‘have to’ to ‘choose to’ you will be empowered not only in your diabetes care but also in your life.
Lets start today!

Very well said Chimaobi! I coudnt agree with you more =)