Diabetes and Other Health Conditions


Just wondered how other people deal with multiple health concerns.

I have type 2 diabetes, but I also have pretty bad COPD, along with myriad "minor" health conditions (depression, sleep apnea, there's more). I'm just getting over a bout of pneumonia also.

So, here's the question: even tho I've had diabetes for 3 years, my main concern seems to be the COPD (breathing is really a vital task! lol). It seems that the diabetes is just something that gets in the way of taking care of the COPD. When I have a COPD exacerbation, I get put on steroids which shoots up the blood sugar, which makes me have to take more insulin, which is all a big pain in the neck when I'm so sick I can hardly breathe.

So I find myself focusing on the COPD and rarely paying attention to the diabetes except for all the blood testing and insulin taking. It's almost as if diabetes is a minor thing in my life, which of course I know it's not. But I just can't wrap my head around both conditions being equally serious.

Anybody think like this?

I have no advice to give but can send you a (((((hug))))) Maureen

thanks for the hug, I'll always take those.

Thanks for the compassion. I feel sorry for you with everything you have to deal with and then throwing bronchitis into the mix. Hope you get better soon.

I am finally over the pneumonia I recently had, now have to work at getting my strength back. I live alone, so no, don't have anyone really to help me with the shots, etc. But, I'm usually pretty good with it, except when I'm sick. The depression is pretty much under control, thank heavens, but when I'm on those high steroids everything starts acting up. It's nice to have my mind back again, lol.

Thanks for your prayers, I certainly appreciate them. I'll be praying for you, too.