Diabetes and ovulation

Since I have been on a pump for a couple of years now, I notice a couple of days a month my blood sugars run high. I have figured out is when I am ovulating. I never noticed before I was on a pump because I just attributed the highs to other causes, but now it seems obvious. Any women have ways they handle this phenomenon?

I haven’t noticed this, but thanks for pointing it out! I will pay attention now!

if you watch for it you will probably notice, the problem is I am usually into the second day of running high before I look at the calender and figure it out. :slight_smile:

You can programing a second basal rate schedule to use on the day when you’re higher. That works best if you’re really regular, but even if you’re not, you could switch to the second schedule as soon as you realize that’s what’s going on. I think you can have multiple schedules with a Mnimed pump. I have an Animas, and I can have four different schedules.

that’s a good idea, I think my pump does have that, I’ll ask my doctor about it next time. thanks