Diabetes and quit smoking

Dear All,
I was doing great with low carb and 25 units of Lantus (although I could not lose weight) and 1000 mg once daily of Glucophormine; until I quit smoking one month ago and since then I can not control my BG at all, my lantus was raised to 31 units and still can not control the BG (it is always above 220 most of the time even fasting); well I also gained 5 lb due to quit smoking but seems that these 2 kg are making a big deal with me and stops me from gaining back control again.
I do not want to get the pre-eating insulin as I see that the main symptom of insulin is gaining weight or at least the difficulty to lose weight.
Also; since I quit I can not stick that much to the Low carb diet and my appetite had increased dramatically, I do try to control the eatings but I still need to put more effort on this issue.
Bottom line I am very happy that I did quit after 5 false quit trials before and this one looks real for me but at the mean time I feel very bad that I can not control my BG although I did well before quitting, I need an advise, please

Belila,I am a pediatrician,but first congratulation for quitting smoking which is an evil for all especially diabetics.
I like to ask:
1-why metformin once,why not 500mg twice?
2-Do you need to cover your meals with insulin to reach posprandial 2 h less than 140 mg?
3-With lantus you may gain weight,but with levemir,you probably will not
So please go back to your doctor and take his openion,you still need to watch your diet,and continue on healthy low CHO diet.

Thanks a lot Sohair.
Metformin once because Dr told me so although I am not convinced
2- Before quit smoking I was 5 lbs less and I was able to control posprandial 2h around 140 or 150 but after quit I am almost over 200 2hrs after meals.
3- I will ask my dr to switch to Levemir

Dear Belila.

How are you doing now? I also am exactly like you cannot loose weight. I am trying a low carb diet it seems to control my hunger somewhat. Try again low carb with a lot of “metamucil” (commercial name) if need be. It is a psyllium soluble fibre. Or Salad, cauliflower, broccoli. No bread, rice, patatoes, couscous, fruits too in little amount. With insulin you really have to watch it or you can end up at 150 Kg or dead whichever comes first.

You only have to quit ONE cigarette


My father always used to say when he quit smoking he put on a few pounds. People tend to eat a little more; oral fixation. Also smoking cigarettes decreases the bodies ability to absorb insulin, so smoking cigarettes can raise sugars as well. Kind of a catch 22 for us right. Be careful of stressors, triggers, excuses. Positivity is the best way to quit something for good. Some people say Wellbutrin has helped them with quitting (happy pills). Also be careful of starvation ketones and not eating enough carbs. It happened to my daughter recently. Oops I thought this was recent lol. Ok goodnight.

Please do - it worked for me in 1974

Anyone can quit one - just one