Diabetes and "right frontal subcortical white matter"

I am 55 and taking Buproprion for depression. In 2007, I had an episode where my bG was in the single digits. My memory and ability to focus has been declining for a while, but it seems a lot worse now that I'm older and retired. I just had another brain MRI and it was normal--except for "signal hyperintensity within the right frontal subcortical white matter, which likely represents prior remote insult." From what I've read, my brain damage causes impairment in sustained attention, memory retrieval, and visio-spacial skills.

I am working on getting an appointment with a psychiatrist and hope there is a medication that can help me with the ADD symptoms. Has anyone experienced this type of brain injury diagnosis? Are there medications that can treat it?

Here is a link to more to consider.

I am 57 and on a similar mission to solve an issue that you might share in, but haven't considered.

I agree we need to go looking for our own solutions because even though you get an MRI result, did they say what to do next? The above link seems to say it is non specific but gives ideas on what can be improved.