Diabetes and Tattoos


Sorry! My Dex must have hit the FU nerve. My bad!


I have six tattoos, no problem healing any of them and I’ve actually had very good luck when it comes to fading. I have a 10 year old tattoo of a ship on my calf that looks just about brand new. I have wanted for some time a tattoo of a heart on my finger (though I would have needed to talk to a good tattoo artist to find out if this is possible, or if it would fade and get wonky), but with the neuropathy in my hands it is out the question. I heal very well everywhere except my hands. A small scratch can take over a month to fully heal. It’s all about common sense with PWD.

One time, while I was looking for a new artist, I walked into a tattoo shop and saw a sign listing people who shouldn’t get tattoos. Diabetics was one of them. I quickly just walked back out of the place. My current artist is fully aware of my D and has actually asked what to do if there is an emergency. I told him that probably wouldn’t happen with my CGM, but to get me some sugar or regular pop. Awesome guy, and he was very interested in my pump, in a good way.

@SherryAnn - I once took care of a woman who was in her early 70’s in the rehab unit of a nursing home. After telling my she loved my half sleeve, she admitted she had always wanted small heart tattoo on her wrist. I don’t know if she went for it or not, but she told me she was going to go get it when she was discharged as a celebration of her recovery and healing. Age doesn’t need to keep you from getting a tattoo, go for it!


This is the chemical formula for Humalog. Definitely artistic, as opposed to functional. I have three and I’ve never had a problem with the healing process. Took about a week for all of them and they’re perfect.


I’m kind of glad this was the theory in my younger years because it kept me from getting a hammerhead tattoo on my stomach. I now have two tattoos, one of which is my diabetes alert.