Diabetes and The Body Politic…What does it mean?

Okay. The hard ones, the immediate ones first:

What does it mean here in the USA that a day arrived where I could honestly sigh in relief that—"whew, whatever else that has occurred that is horrible, at least none of our law enforcement officers beheaded anyone today." ?....

As a child of the 60s with emotional wounds from losses on both sides of those barricades (med-evac pilot lover lost in 'Nam/brain damaged protestor from a police billy club at the Dem convention in '68 who was a best friend and never the same), what it means is we need broader, more deeply felt, body deep connections.

Guess what? Given the so-called Global Epidemic that is Diabetes---well, think about it: How many of the kidnapped Nigerian girls were diabetic? How many police officers in Ferguson are diabetic? How many protestors in Ferguson are diabetic? Do they feel weak or manic or about to faint? Are they disoriented beyond reason and does anyone notice? Are they convulsing and nobody knows why?....

What does it mean, muscle-deep, to be diabetic? As a choreographer, I used to tell my dancers (who didn't really get it until they let themselves down in how fully realized their performance wasn't) that it all comes down in the end to just where their one foot was at the exact moment in the score to launch a perfect curve into space.

Well for us, it's absolutely where our blood sugar is in order to launch a perfect Arc of Justice into the universe. This is not a trivial matter. We are everywhere. Our beloved TuD Founder, Manny, has traveled worldwide to engage on this matter.

What does it mean to engage with the world as a diabetic? It can be very straightforward and easy when we are exhausted and too tired to care at the moment: Carry TuD postcards and brochures with you---hand them out anytime---you don't even need to speak. With a little more energy, just chat about carbs and sugars and simply how you do it. And really---I know it sounds trendy, but own The D in every local encounter while advocating through every means you can access to be sure folks have access to what they need to be alive and functional in their world…..

Blessings to all…..Judith in Portland

Judith, as you know I have carried these cards for years. You were my example of how and why to do this. It gives me a powerful way to say hello, say goodbye and most important to say we (this community) does understand. Thank you for setting the example and teaching this old dog a good trick.

Oh by the way ti is time to get some more printed up. Thanks for the reminder................................rick