Diabetes & Anxiety?

Hey. Well these past few days or maybe weeks I’ve been feeling down & I noticed that whenever I got upset/mad (which is pretty constant) I was getting this pain on the right side of my chest. Went to the Doc & she told me it was anxiety. Well i really don’t know what anxiety is or brings or if it could affect my diabetes. As I said I feel a little down which I hate because I am usually the happy, bubbly, random girl & lately I just feel like I don’t belong :confused: Any input?

Hi J. First of all, if the pain gets worse you might want to ask your doctor to do an EKG and/or refer you to a cardiologist just to make sure there isn’t something going on physically.

She is most likely right that it is anxiety related however. I see from your profile you are a student and work as well and that can be very stressful. Then you are dealing with diabetes, and having trouble controlling your blood sugar as well which is major stressful! Yes, anxiety can definitely affect your blood sugars, and perhaps also make you less able to do what you need to care for them. Just to simplify, there are two levels of anxiety, the kind that is a normal reaction to stress and that you can handle yourself and the kind that you might need more help with. You might think about what kinds of things help you when you are stressed out. Especially when you feel the pain when you’re upset, you might try taking a break from whatever is bothering you and do something relaxing, like sitting in the yard, taking a bath, or even just closing your eyes, breathing deeply and thinking of a relaxing place you like to go. Other things can help with stress and anxiety like physical exercise of any kind, eating well, sleeping well, meditation, yoga and more. Even if you are super busy, you do need to take time out to relax and do things that make you feel good.

If you are not able to help yourself relax and de-stress than maybe you need more help such as medication and/or therapy. Ask your doctor or go to the counseling department at your college and ask for a referral for counseling. Even if it turns out to not need medication, it still could help to talk to a therapist who can help you learn tools to not get upset or mad so often and to better deal with stress.

Hello J. Santiago,

I go through ups and downs often. Most of the time I know where my lows come from and it almost always turn into an anxiety attack. I do not get chest pains but I get insomnia, my heart pounds and I feel lethargic. At first I thought it was something serious but then I realized it came and went with my moods. Through online research and actually studying psychology in school I figured out it was anxiety. I am not big on meds even though I literally live off them, lol…so I found natural ways that can help when I was feeling that way. I drink chamomile tea this relaxes my nerves, I take a shower/bath with stress relieving gels (my favs are eucalyptus and speriment from Bath and Body works and Fresh citron de vigne, you can find at Amazon.com). They say exercising is good to bring up moods but I dont know about you it will only bring me down, lol…so what I do is put on some music really loud (ear phones if needed) and just let lose all by myself. Its pretty fun. One of the most effective ways for me to get out of my mood is watch something that distracts me which is usually something funny. I try to only focus on the things I can control and let go of everything else, its harder said than done I know but it helps at times.

Anything stressing you/ Making you depressed??? I think you need to really explore what exactly is causing your anxiety in order to figure out how to control it.