Diabetes at Work

So a colleague just called me with a quick question. I was on the verge of testing because I could feel that I had overdone my breakfast bolus by a bit. The meter showed 3.1 but I thought the conversation would be brief so I stuck it out. After 5 minutes I started thinking that my brain wasn’t 100% and I knew that if it went too long, I would lose my ability to converse coherently. Luckily I was able to get through the conversation and hang up. I smashed an apple and threw in a light granola bar (15g carb) for good luck. I know I should just politely say that I will have to call the person back but in those situations my brain never lets me do it.

Any advice?

did you say goodbye or just hang up? if you said goodbye then ur fine (but then again I’m an american and our manners aren’t nearly as polished as yours up in the great white north) :wink:

I am a librarian and have had a low blood sugar at the reference desk while trying to answer questions, and at the beginning of classes I’ve taught. I simply say, “sorry, I’m a diabetic and my brain isn’t working right now. I need to eat something.” I started munching on an apple WHILE teaching class. The students didn’t mind.

If I were you, I’d have a stash of juice boxes in your office. That way, you can inconspicuously and quickly drink one at the first sign of low bg, whether or not you’re on the phone!

Course, you might find this crass. Not only am I a rude American, I’m a rude® New Yorker (from California, but still).

When I worked in the public and I would feel a low coming I would just excuse myself. If I was on the phone I would say “I apologize but something has come up and I need to call you back…Is this your call back number?” Then I hang up without giving anymore information. If in person I just excuse myself and either get someone else to help or I explain I am a diabetic and needed some sugar…

Hi Trevor, in any situation looking after your D should be your first concern. As we all know when your sugar is low your brain just doesn’t make the connections it should - at work this could mean anything from a minor inconvenience for someone to personal safety issues for you or a co-worker. The juice box is a good idea - in your situation you were still thinking fairly straight and you could’ve sipped the juice without affecting the phone call. At work, I test and snack reg around co-workers as they all know I am a D, however I try and work around meetings with clients by making sure my sugar is right in advance.

I teach…and my students are rather familiar with my testing/snacking modes! Diabetes management should be a priority…if others don’t get it after informing them of the situation, well…it’s their problem, not yours. But I know what you mean…the mere fact that you ARE low prevents you from stating what is necessary…that you’re low!

Thanks all for your help. I have granola bars at my desk but I will bring in some juice boxes. Much more discreet during a phone call! :slight_smile: