Diabetes Blogfest Day 2 Post: Dear Dr. vG

Dear Dr. vG;

It is day two of Diabetes Blogfest and a letter to you seemed appropriate.

We met over 11 years ago. I was told that you were the best and when I saw you, well, I wondered. My son was terribly ill and a man in a checkered shirt, bushy beard, and big winter boots was to be the one to save him? I left it in God’s hands and we have never looked back.

You were very matter of fact when you met us. You left me scared and shaken to the core when you told me that the next twelve hours would tell us if he lived or died, if he had heart problems or kidney failure. You would teach me about diabetes and whatever else I needed to know after you saved my son’s life.

I remember very little of you after that. I know you were there. I know that our prayers were answered and you saved my son’s life that night. You carefully balanced his insulin and fluids, bringing him back to us healthy and full of life.

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