Diabetes Camp - Part Deux


So, I sent Samantha off to Camp Colorado today! We drove for an hour and a half only to spend the next hour and a half waiting in about five different lines. However, once we got her all checked in, things were great! We had a short goodbye, because they were gathering into their group to do cabin stuff. I really think she is going to have a blast and I can’t wait to hear all about her fun adventures!

Here are a couple of pictures. This first one is Samantha standing in the Pump Check-in line. We waited in this line for about 45 minutes, then we checked in at one
set of tables (pictured below) where the doctors chatted with us about BGs, basals,
exercise, etc. Then we had to wait in a second line for a second set
of tables where the pump settings were modified.


Yay!!! She’s going to have such a great time. :slight_smile:

She’s also adorable.


She is getting so grown up. What a beauty. How fun camp must be.


I can’t wait until Griffin is old enough for diabetes camp! We have one nearby run by Joslin. I want to hear how she liked it.


so glad she is getting to go. She will have so much fun and probably will learn some as well! I can’t wait til my David is old enough either!