Diabetes & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Hi, Am new to the site and so far everyone has been incredibly helpful so thanks guys. Live in UK and despite recently changing to animas pump 20/20 due to unexplained high/lows of blood sugars i still struggle with Chronic fatigue and have done last 18 yrs which i see as reason somehow for my erratic sugars. I Try to live life always to full and have positive attitude but feels hard sometimes especially as my new life on pump initially feels even more restricting. CFS already brings a restriction on food, alcohol and everything it seems Just wondered if anyone in States has experienced anything similar, Chris

Hi Chris! I remember when I got my blood sugars more under control and having less swings, I felt like I had so much energy! I didn’t realize how draining it was to have my blood sugar swinging from high to low.

I don’t know much about CFS, but I can imagine that you’ll feel better the less swings you have in your blood sugar.

Take care!

Hi Kristin, Good advice to both my questions so thank you! Chris