.Diabetes Complications

My future wife is typ1 1 sonce about 11 years and she is now 22 years
i want to know from any women who experinced nearly the same case , about how long the duration it takes to start having the complications especially the peripheral neuritis and also its relation to decreasing the sexual desire via the effect on the peripheral nerves of women’s genitalia .

if any women has experinced this case i hope to hear some answers and if any doctors have informations about that he can answer me too plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Everyone is different. There are people who take diligent care of themselves but still develop complications. There are people who aren’t always so diligent, and somehow manage to have minimal complications. The more effort she puts into taking care of herself, the better her overall health will be in the long run, but there is no time table.

If you have specific concerns, you should really consider having a frank discussion with her about it. Everyone’s diabetes varies, and you won’t find out those individualized and personal details about her diabetes by talking to us.

Sexual desire isn’t directly related to neuropathy anyway. Physical sexual response (lubrication, ability to climax) can be affected and that can have an effect on desire, but desire is purely psychological in the end.

I am 29 and have had Type 1 since age 10. I have no complications and have tried to take good care of myself in my adult years. I enjoy a healthy life and marriage and wish you and your intended spouse the best. These fears you have are questions you should be asking of her - it’s a tough discussion to tell her you have these fears about her health. But an inability to have a healthy sexual relationship is not an inevitable result of diabetes and it may be unfounded for you to presume she will suffer this fate.