Diabetes control with intravenous food


Well, where are you located? I might not be near you, but I can search on the internet.

Do you know if you are a type 1 diabetic or a type II diabetic? Do you drive? Do you have friends nearby that can drive you places, like a hospital or a church?

I live in Minnesota. It will be very cold next week. It will be -30 degrees where I live. Are you near me?


You surely realize that this idea is pretty much absurd? I’m hoping that you’re approaching it from the position of a curious imagination rather than a serious idea. Yes people with emergency medical conditions like jaws that don’t work might have to resort to emergency measures to derive nutrition under careful medical supervision. Just like people who lack a large intestine might have to have a colostomy bag. That doesn’t mean either one is done lightly or just for curiousity sake…


Yo man your wrrong
My friend broke her jaw and she was fed exactly how I’m telling you with no supervision at all
They put a tube in her and left her there at home for 8 weeks with no one taking care of her
I had no idea this was such a huge uncovered area
Intravenous food works
Hands down no question.garunteed 100% of the time
Thats why they give it to people in hospitals
I’m not asking you to do Intravenous food but please let others know that those who want to should be allowed
Think about it in hospitals they give Intravenous food. They won’t give a keto diet.
Think about it
Intravenous food works always it never fails


I think you have your mind made up, so I’m not clear why we need to keep arguing here. Good luck, my man!


I do believe that Dave is right, you do seem determined to push ahead with your idea even though several here have advised against it.

What you are planning is over the top and is extreme even for a disease as serious as diabetes, I have to wonder if there is more to your story than you are telling us.


I’m just saying a friend of mine lost his life to this and I take it very seriously
My doctors keep laughing it off like a joke
And it’s a serious subject
I wiill do the IV food things when I have it all ready and when I do I’ll tell you how it goes


Your friend with the broken jaw would have had a nasal tube feed. If there were complications, they would have put in a Peg feed. There is no way they would have used an IV. You are mistaken.
You may be a candidate for the Darwin Awards. Either that or you are just winding up the forum for fun on your first day membership.

My concern is that topics like this, only encourage others with mental health issues to go to the fringe.


I wish you well. Let us know how it goes.


Are you considering something like this?

Seems like you need a medical professional who agrees, especially if looking for insurance to cover, as medically necessary. But maybe you can afford it on your own, and will find a doctor that will look the other way.

On the other hand, if you wish to ask for help in improving your diabetes control with standard tools, ask away. This is a great place for help.


They are ultrasound guided. I’m sure there would be a DIY youtube vid, using xray glasses from the back of a comic book.


Are you type 1 or type 2, diabetic? @jamesmatheson.

I am worried about how much time you can survive without insulin. It will take some time to explore the IV food idea.

Do you live near me, in Minnesota? or somewhere far away? If we need to explore resources for you, then it helps to know where to look.

@ Everybody else, just keep a cool head here. I think we all understand the most important thing is that people survive despite overwhelming obstacles. Risks have been declared. Try to keep the conversation moving forward toward a productive goal. Have patience.


Go online
My friend would give me vibrating shoes so I don’t lose my feet
Since you don’t obviuosly youa aren’t my friend


Nobody knows you very well, James. Everybody on this site has strong opinions about medicine…including you. :):grinning:

Can you introduce yourself to us?


If all you want to do is track exactly what nutrients you take in, why not just use a scale to measure (unprocessed) food and use a calculator and carbohydrate factors to determine the exact carbohydrate count (or whatever else you want to calculate)?

If your body needs insulin, it needs insulin. Food is ultimately broken down into sugar regardless of how you put it into your body.


Not surprisingly this thread is appearing on other diabetes sites including the “I am not listening” attitude.
How many sites have you posted on?

Are you getting any different inputs?


It’s to the point that I’d call the OP trolling and I seldom publicly state I think someone is trolling, but this OP has got to take the cake. DFTT