Diabetes Conversation Maps

Hi, My name is Isaac Akogu, i am a diabetes Educator. I just came back from an Expert Trainners Trainning on Conversation Map organized by IDF and Healthy Interactions sponsored by Eli lilly. Has a body in this community heard or used this Map?What are your experiences?It is a wonderful tool for Diabetes Education.

Hi Isaac,
I have heard about them, but not seen them.

Is this it?

If not, do you mind sharing a bit more about them?

Hi Manny,
Compliments of the day thanks for your interest in the Conversation Map. The site you quoted above belongs to the designer of the conversation Map for sure however, the map is tailored to suit different geographic regions. I had a training on the African version which is not on the site you sent. The conversation map actually helps to generate discussion regarding diabetes management among patients and with the guidance of the diabetes educator, the patients participate in taken concrete measures towards better blood glucose control. This is a new tool in diabetes education, it is designed for type 1 and type2. cheers.