Diabetes costs and financial hardships

Have you ever experienced financial hardship because of the high-cost of your diabetes management treatment?

  • Yes
  • No

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I’ve had pretty decent insurance, one way or another, since I was dx’d 35 years ago. So my answer is no, but the fear of it, and of losing coverage, has only got worse over the years, especially the last ten or so.

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I’ve also had good coverage, through my and my husband’s employment, but the fear is real. And we just figure on paying the high deductibles every year. But, on another note, we have enough in assets to retire, have had for a few years. But the fear of being without medical coverage prevents this. (The GOP’s determination to end helping people with health care is a big part of this fear.) So, a younger person cannot move up into my husband’s very good job even though he’d love to retire; it puts a damper on the whole employment system.

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I’ve always had good insurance; however, there have been times where I experienced hardship maintaining that good insurance because I had diabetes. In addition, there have been tests, etc., that have been ordered/done that have resulted in significant financial burden/hardship along the way – none of which would have happened without the diabetes diagnosis.

Always had great insurance.

As a young person in the United States I saw potential financial difficulties coming because of type 1 diabetes and at the first opportunity I emigrated to Canada to avoid them. Ever since then I have described myself as a medical refugee from the U.S.

But that should not be happening! :frowning:

We have excellent insurance but the deductible is a bit high. Once you hit that it’s 90% paid for. Then after out of pocket insurance pays 100%. I have a pretty good Union job so they negotiated decent insurance for us and every Jan the company puts seed money into the HSA account. Plus I contribute to it weekly as well. So far it has covered us completely since our daughter’s diagnosis in March and I have enough in the account already to cover next year. Without it I am unsure what I would do but I plan on working in my current job until I retire (Lord willing!).