Diabetes,Food, Medicine and life

Ok first thing on my mind when I wakeup.Diabetes, Check my number before I even rub my eyes awake all the way. Is it good? How will it control my day today?
Food is next. What will I eat to start my day? Keep my number in control or bring it down?
Medicine as soon as I walk downstairs. A shot (byetta) at my desk then an hour to get something to eat. Settle for a small 4 ounce little cup of yogurt,sometimes add a slice of toast.When I add the slice of toast; my mind is blown by the fact that a number would normally be high before Byetta. Now, it drops low and 3/4 hours later it goes crazy high on one day… do the same little breakfast a couple days later and watch the same number go low. :confused: grrrrrr How in the world do I figure out how to eat with this swing that doesnt make any sense? Then,Life steps in and throws yet another curve. ugh. Ex has once again played fraud with taking social security numbers of 2 of my kids. Claiming they live with him. He has no proof. I Call IRS and give them all the info 6 years in a row now. For the first time they tell us to file “Identity theft” with the police. As if I have nothing better to do and the money to go to court:(
Oh well…my mind returns to my not so helpful “friend” “D” What is my number now? How will I continue this day?
Choosing again; my salads and trying so hard to not eat carbs the wrong way… Please, medicine… what shall I do to keep in control with you?