Diabetes Gear

Ok, what do you use to carry your stuff? I’ve got a Maratac Range Bag that carries books, notebooks, pens/pencils, a flashlight and a couple other things, along with a Dia-Pak Deluxe, and an At A Glance Page a Day calendar for a log.

However, after almost 2 years, the Dia-Pak is, well, getting old, and a little blood stained (imagine that). I’ve been looking around at different bags (used this for a little while http://www.countycomm.com/respond.htm but changed back to the Dia Pak after a few months).

What do you use, if you use any kind of special carry case at all? The Responder 2 was kind of nifty - the velcro wall on the one side was handy - I had velcro stickys on my meter and lancet, and could just drop them on the wall and there they were.

I’ve been thinking about this one: http://www.amazon.com/Dr-Russell-Journeyer-Diabetic-Emerald-Green/dp/tags-on-product/B003JIMXQY

Any comments are welcome.

zip-lock baggie tossed into my backpack. lol

Mine is totally girly, but it works for me! I got it at a bag party that is run kind of like a tupperware party. I picked it up just after I went on the omnipod and it works great for lugging around the extra pump supplies. Bonus - it is not medical supply black or blue!


Holy crap…this post just made me lose an hour of time! I clicked on your Amazon link and then got sucked into the black hole of Amazon.

I use a little carrying case…I don’t even remember where i got it. It fits my meter, strips, extra strip container (for the bloody used strips), insulin, and a few syringes. The only problem is it’s kind of ugly. I wish I had something a bit sleeker. Sexier.

It’s about to get HOT in Phoenix…so I usually carry my isunlin around a lot because it’ll “spoil” if I leave it in my hot car.

I wish there was a company that made nice carry-arounds for us.