Diabetes getting closer


As you know, I'm one of those members of TuDiabetes that is actually not a diabetic. I became aware of diabetes through my friend Manny and since he started this community I have felt compelled to help any way I can. As consequence I have learned so much from you.

Last week, my mom told that my nana's cardiologist wanted her to shoot 8 units of insulin everyday, I told my mom: "Mom, she needs to go see her Endocrinologist right away" and then I went on to tell her everything I knew from what to do, what not to do, how important it was for her to check herself everyday for injuries, to keep orange juice at hand in case of a low, etc, etc.

Yesterday was the appointment with the Endocrinologist, so I called last night to check. My mom confirmed that Petra was officially diagnosed as type 1. What's interesting is that my mom told me that as she was sitting there with Petra listening to the doctor, he was telling her the exact same things I told her a few days before. It really helped her understand better.

Although, Petra getting diagnosed with diabetes was something we were not expecting, I really have to thank you guys for teaching me so much. It makes all the difference because now I can help educate everyone at home.


ps- In the picture you can see me with my nana Petra the day I introduced her to my daughter Luna


I am sad to hear the news, but she is blessed to have you in her life, even at a distance, because you love her and you will do every bit that you can to help her take good care of herself.


All the best to your sweet Nana. I hope her continuing treatment goes well .


Luis, I an very sorry Petra has T1, but so glad you knew to get her to an endocrinologist. I’m sorry D has hit your family too, but glad you’re here listening.


Thank you everyone for your kind comments. It means a lot to me.



Sorry to hear about Petra. It’s a blessing that you’ve been learning from all of us and I hope that helps some.

Remember that one word challenge. An interesting word (not my first choice) is frustration. Just when you think you have this disease figured out it bites you again.

So be patient. Give Petra a big hug from me.


Thank you Bernard for your great thoughts


Education is knowledge. It matters that you armed yourself even before you needed to. You have the intelligence and caring way about you to continue in that journey. Nana is a very lucky person to have you in her life.