Diabetes Handprint Announcement

  1. Right to Use Name and Likenesses. By submitting Materials, you grant us the irrevocable permission to use and license all the names and likenesses of any individuals that appear in the Materials or that you submitted in connection with the Materials throughout the world in any manner and Media without restriction.

So… if the photo is of my hand, they now have the right to use ALL photos and pictures of me… even the (non-existent!) ones that I never would have considered posing for…

great news! Keep up the good work!

Great job, Manny! Congrats! I know that you have worked very hard for this!
We all greatly appreciate you!
Penny =)

Very Very cool. I see you lead the pack.

woo-hoo!!! awesome news Manny!

That is so cool. The mosaic of pictures making a hand on that site is powerful and inspiring artwork.