Diabetes has made me WHOLE!

I Control My Diabetes, My Diabetes Does Not Control Me…one day i will tattoo that saying on my body…for many years i have felt half empty trying to find my place here on earth…i believe in a God, a higher being, but though that fills me spiritually i have been searching for a another way to fill my heart, my body and my spirit…in balance to my higher beliefs. i was diagnosed with diabetes 543 days and counting…and since that very first day…i knew my heart was completely full…could my diabetes be the answer to what ive been searching for all this time…i dunno but i feel complete. whole. true. i thank God every chance that i have for giving me Diabetes…sounds strange doesn’t it…but ive met the most interesting and wonderful people through my Diabetes…(not taking away from those that ive met prior) but i can actually sit here and type on my laptop that I’m Proud to Be Diabetic…Ive found a place in my new Crew, Friends and Family in DIABUDDIES…they have been my glue through it all…Thank you Family! i Love u guys!

I’m an atheist, but I too think that Diabetes has made me a better person. You’re the first that I’ve heard describe it as a feeling of completeness…I’ll have to contemplate that one for a while.

Thanks for sharing this!

yeah, that blog is just one side of my story with diabetes…i heard so many angles on how diabetes has affect each person…for the most part positive remarks…but like myself being a libra and always trying to achieve perfect balance…ive also heard many negative outcomes because of diabetes…some of my friends look at my diabetes as how others would find faith…but in my case its similar in certain aspects but completely different in others…its like having diabetes now, im actually part of the in crowd…not to poke fun of it but its like all the cool kids have it! lol