Diabetes History Fun

Bored thought this would be fun. I am sure most of us know Dr. Banting, but what about the other people that make life better for diabetics???
OK, here goes, Who is Leland Clark?? Hint: type 1 yes and type 2 maybe, use it everyday.

CGM Sensor Patent!!!

Yea Leland!

Close enough he invented the biosensor, not just cgm but every meter strip and a lot of other stuff using the Clark eletrode. OHH no googleing not fair lol

OK who was the first person to buy and use a home meter??? Hint: Book

Dr. B

Yep, What was Dr. B before he was a Dr.

Mr. B.

Oh fine. A business executive and engineer. He got a BA in Liberal Arts and Math in 1954 from Columbia and then got a BS in Industrial and Management Engineering a year later. He then went on at Columbia to do further graduate work in theoretical physics and studied computer design, solid state circuits and advanced mathematics, but did not get a graduate degree. He left graduate school in 1960. He returned to Columbia in 1978 to start on his path towards a medical degree.

But of course, I could be wrong.

Eva Saxi??