Diabetes Humor. You know you're diabetic when

You know you’re diabetic when…

You’re more guarded about your HbA1C than your age or weight
You know what things like A1C, TSH, CGM, and IDDM stand for
Whenever you do or say something stupid, people hand you a juice box
You say crazy things like “If I see another juice box, I’ll kill someone!”
When you are cooking and cut slice your finger, you reach for your glucometer before a towel or bandaid. Why waste perfectly good blood?
You answer most “How are you?”s with sentences that contain the word “high” or “low,” “Himalayas” or “Flatlined”
You try to rally Tiffany’s to make a MedicAlert bracelet
Your pharmacist special orders your favorite flavor of glucose tablets in bulk
Your pharmacist knows you by name and contributes to your JDRF campaign! Thanks, CVS Oberlin!!!
All of your dresses have pockets and strange holes cut in. (For insulin pumps, CGMs or tubing)
You find your way around by leaving a trail of used test strips. Who needs Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs? Too many carbs.

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You put your favorite beer cozies on your favorite jars of glucose tabs.