Diabetes in your 30's

It’s very interesting to see how my body reacts to certain things now that I’m in my 30’s. I have a theory that after 26 years of having diabetes, my body has been worn down in ways that I (and doctor’s) don’t know–. I find that at the end of the day, I seem to be more exhausted than the “average” person. I am an early riser and I do work out everyday but I find that if I stay up later than my normal routine, I’m absolutely knackered! Especially if my day has been filled with rollercoaster blood sugar readings. It’s so frustrating because I take care of myself and I know I’m still young but sometimes I feel so old!

I have this issue…if my bg is rollercoastering it wipes me out,and though I have a few more years on me ageometer than you, it does seem at times the D makesme feel older than I should.

I am 35 and have had diabetes for 18 years and often feel older than I really am. My thirties have been difficult because of aging! I’m also single with no children and still looking for a husband. I’m not able to have kids because of diabetes and feel like all of my friends are in a different stage in their lives. I feel left behind. Having bloodsugars all over everywhere makes me feel worn down and I have problems keeping up with others around me who are healthy. At 8 pm I’m ready to have my pajamas on and start settling down for the evening. I recently ( Four months ago) started using an insulin pump and my sugars are in pretty good control and there’s less of the rollercoaster.

At age 30,I went on an insulin pump after about 29 years on the needle. I am now 45, but I am still in high gear and on the run. I am tired typically when i am not in the best of control…High-Low ping pong will always wear me out. Up and down, Up and down, and it makes me tired.
I find exercise helps with energy levels and my mindset.
My wife and I just took on a 1 month old foster daughter last year who now just turned 1…Fostering is a much needed service…maybe it’s an option for you. Foster to adopt is pretty common.
I think you are smart to not get pregnant as I know of quite a few folks who have had problems because of it…it’s a huge stressor on the body. I know there are a lot of succesful diabetic ladies who have given birth to healthy babies…but it sure is hard on Momma!!

Thanks for the encouragement. I totally agree with you, Bob, about having children. I admire you and your wife for having the strength and courage to take on a foster child. It’s sad that there are so many children with no parents and no homes. People need to stop having children that they either don’t want, or can’t take care of. I believe the same to be true about animals. They euthanize so many and people keep breeding them. It makes no sense to me.
To anyone who is taking shots and still can’t get their sugars in control, the pump is the way to go. I shunned the idea for a while and then when I decided to try it, I began to get infections at the site. I’ve changed infusion sets, and am doing well with it. I refer to my pump as, “Wilson” from the movie, “Cast Away”. It has really saved me.

Hmmmm. I wonder if it is diabetes or the life style that goes along with it? And perhaps it is just a temporary thing that everyone, diabetes or not, goes through. I just celebrated the “Big” one (50), and even though I tell myself that I don’t LOOK 50, sometimes I think I do suffer some of the ailments that most people get later in life, but I get them earlier. Stuff like frozen shoulders, trigger fingers, taking blood pressure and statin drugs early in life, thyroid and other hormone shut-downs at an early age, … Then again, I sure am a lot more active than my peers! Maybe I am tired at night because a.) I only got 5 hours of sleep last night; b.) I cycled 50k this morning; and c.) I’ve been looking at this screen for the past 3 hours!!! I definitely think that the rollercoaster rides fatigue me, but it is a vicious circle, because fatigue also brings on the rollercoaster rides! Thats when the exercise really helps smooth things out. In fact, I am feeling really tired right now, so I am going to go for a ride! I’ll bet you that by this evening I will be 100% better and my BG’s will also be back on track. Since I can’t change being diabetic, I think I’ll work on getting more sleep and exercise and keeping the BG’s where they should be. Ask me again in 20 years!