Diabetes increase worldwide

Belly fat, or more specifically visceral adipose tissue which also clusters around the internal organs, is considered to be an indicator of type 2 in some Asian populations but not all researchers are in agreement. The subject is still being researched for other ethnic groups.

Some examples:

Visceral Adiposity and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes A prospective study among Japanese Americans (Medscape requires registration. It is free and spam-free)

Conclusions: Greater visceral adiposity precedes the development of type 2 diabetes in Japanese Americans and demonstrates an effect independent of fasting insulin, insulin secretion, glycemia, total and regional adiposity, and family history of diabetes.

Ethnic Differences in Visceral Adipose Tissue and Type 2 Diabetes: Filipino, African-American, and White Women

Discussion: VAT was highest among Filipinas despite similar BMI and waist circumference as whites. BMI and waist circumference were weaker estimates of VAT in Filipino and African-American women than in whites. Type 2 diabetes prevalence was highest among Filipino women at every level of VAT, but VAT did not explain their elevated type 2 diabetes risk.

Role of A Critical Visceral Adipose Tissue Threshold (CVATT) In Metabolic Syndrome

An interesting article; some of his views are still controversial but well worth reading.

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Thanks for that. So the maps are a broad guide only and become less accurate the further you are from the first world.

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