Diabetes Intervention - Really?

A duh…update.

I am now back once again. After acting like a “non-diabetic” for the 3-4 weeks (maybe even more) my friends and family pulled an intervention style meeting with me! There was no therapist or anything…just a living room full of frustrated people that care about me. They have all noticed that I have been " out of control". They don’t want me to lose my feet, go blind or die early. ( This is more or less of what they said.) It is true…I have been in a funk. I have been drinking tons of regular pop, sneaking M&M’s, chips, ice-cream, icing, white bread, popcorn, cookies and hot chocolate like crazy. I can’t seem to get enough of it. It is like I am rebelling against myself. In addition to that I haven’t been testing or taking my meds. The only positive thing I have been doing is walking my dog three times a day.

I just wanted to say that I really like this site with everyone here and all the wonderful forums and blogs.

So in the morning....I am starting over for the better.

Yay for our dogs who help us get exercise.

Great to have the support of people who love & care about you. Let us know how you’re doing, ok?

I think It’s good that your friends and family did this. I had a similar thing with my family about 6 years ago, and it made me feel not so alone.It’s good to know there are people who care and want to help support you.

Wonderful family and friends you got there…
Its great to hear from you again =)

Sounds like you have a caring family. I have kinda been that way myself once or twice and thanks to my family I have been able to get a fresh start. Best of luck in your future endeavors with this disease.

I have been sooooooo tempted to take a vacation from D for a month.

I can’t brag that I have good discipline or a stick-to-it attitude. The truth is I am scared out of my mind. Have been since June 2 when my A1C was 10. Fear is a motivator, but I am not sure its sustainable.

My biggest fear is that I will “fall off the wagon”.

Good luck. When tempted to quit “the life”, check in here and talk with folks, it works for me.

Unfortunately we are the only ones that can CONTROL this, not everyone else in our lives no matter how much they want to help. Once you get the routine and control you will realize how good you feel, and probably how crappy you have been feeling. This site did not exist 15 years ago for me. Now, with this support you can do anything but you have to take the Big D bull by the horns and take your life back. :slight_smile: You can do it!

Congratulations - on having people who love you enough to do this for you, and for having the sense to listen to them.

call it a vacation and like all good vacations they come to an end and life starts all over again in a different rythm. No use worrying about the past and look to the future.

Start fresh…forget about the past weeks. New beginnings are always good for the mind and body. Wish you well. xo

Every day is a brand new day and you start it with a clean slate. It’s great that you have caring people around you.

Thanks Everyone! I am very lucky that my family and friends are here to back me up. I am very glad to have this site and everyone here. I am not great with words…as you can tell.

Today is my birthday so I am eating like I am a non-diabetic just for the evening and then I am back to my routine in the morning. Things are going pretty well so far. Morning numbers are still in the 7 range but, I think that is the dawn effect.

I just wanted to say Thanks again. =)

You all keep up the great work too!