Diabetes is a Game

In my opinion, I think diabetes as a game that we are playing with our body or in other words we playing with nature .Nature had restricted their food resources on us and we are playing it with strong weapons like insulin and sugar pills. what u have to say ?

If this is a game, put me on a winning team or let me go home!!

That’s sort of how I look at life in general. Only it’s not a game with me… it’s a fight for survival. I’m glad I’m winning. More here: http://www.geocities.com/seabulls69/DailyLog.html

If it is a game, why am I always worrying about going to jail (complications) instead of passing go and collecting my $200 (a cure)?

I’ve always looked diabetes as a game! But I think once you get the better of it your on the winning team!!! To Jan keep ontrying you’ll get there!