Diabetes Is A Wild Ride

Hello everyone. I'm new here. I was diagnosed October 30, 2009 in the emergency room. I had a b.g. of 835 and and A1c of 15.5. It's extremely sobering to briefly come to long enough to hear the medical staff talking amongst themselves about how the Doctor said that you wouldn't make it throught the night. Fortunatley I had too much to live for and God had other plans.

Since that time I have been working hard with diet, excercise and Insulin. I'm happy to say that last week my A1c was a 5.4. I was diagnosed as a type 2 however, my pancreas has just about stopped producing insulin and my Doctor says that I have more traits in common with type 1 than I do type 2 and he is not really sure.

I have learned a great deal. However, the main thing I have learned is that there is a great deal more to learn. I was thrilled to find this site. It is so good to find a place to interact with others who really know how I feel. I know that I will receive great benefit from so many of you that have much more experience and knowledge than I do.

Diabetes, as you already know is a wild ride. I have learned that it affects every aspect of my health and even my emotional well being. It affects us economically and it even puts great strain on our Family as they have to put up with us and worry about us. All of these things seem to come at us all at once as one day you are "Normal" and the next day you are something quite different. It is overwhelming to say the very least. Life changed on a dime for me that day at the age of 40.

I decided early on to fight Diabetes with all that I can muster. This site has already made things just a little easier.

great job grabbing control of your sugars. welcome to the site

Hello Lee and Welcome to the family! Glad you are here.
From an A1C of 15.5 to 5.4 in 4 months is one great accomplishment. Congratulations! I’m sure you have been working hard…and it paid off too.! Has your doctor recommended C peptide test of antibody test?
The community encourages support and sharing of information and experiences. And I agree that learning plays a very big role on our dealings with this condition. Indeed it will affect us in all facets of our living…good and bad…I guess the most important thing there is our willingness and openness that we can contend with diabetes and that we can live normal, healthy, happy lives.
Again, welcome and happy to see you here. I wish you the best =)

Not yet. He just said that my C peptides were very low.

Welcome to Tu Diabetes. You definitely have traits of a T1 if your c-pep is “very low”.Hope that you can find the support that I have found here.

Hello Lee!!

Welcome to tudiabetes and I am glad that you are part of the family! I too was just diagnosed in the ER on October 24, 2009!! This site has been great – from support to the knowledge each member has =)
I’ve found it a lot easier to deal with diabetes and share my “ups” and “downs” with everyone here. My family loves this site too, as they are learning with me.

So I wish you luck and welcome!!!