Diabetes is enough, now I can't see my kids? Really? :(

Today is Parental Alienation Awareness Day. I dedicate everything to my amazing and beautiful daughters that I miss with every breath I take. Please support us and post a message about parents kept from their children and the pain they endure. I would be so grateful if you pushed this message on to others!!!! I love you girls!

Imagine first ANYONE telling you that you may not communicate with your teenage child because you decided to speak to your child about divorce and maybe (whilst still married) your husband's lack of communication. NO ONE, not even your spouse could keep you from speaking with your child could they? Yet somehow our system allows someone who has never met you take your children away just because you no longer live with spouse. What if you looked next store and saw a convicted felon with unfettered access to his child? The only oversight here is a system with no checks and balances driven and operated by the very people profiting on its existence with no interaction with the families it is designed to protect.