Diabetes is Hard work!

Yesterday I finished reading Gary Scheiner's new book "Until there is a Cure". I will be writing about it in more detail later this week but one thing struck me as I read--diabetes is hard work! As I have mentioned numerous times, I have been at this game for over 13 years now. I should kind of have an idea of just how hard this diabetes thing is to handle but seeing it in print made it worse.

I was tired and overwhelmed by what I read. I worried about my son once again. There were complications to concern yourself with as well as preventing complications. There are reading before you eat and after you eat. You need to try to eat lower glycemic food (I am only just figuring out how the glycemic index works after years of a mental block of the concept!). Some times you should graze, sometimes you should pre-bolus, sometimes you should....throw your hands up and say I can't do this!!! I am not a pancreas! I am not God!!! I am just a fallible person!!!

To continue reading, please go to http://diabetesadvocacy.com/blog/diabetesishardwork/

You said it, Barb! After over 25 years of Type I, sometimes I am just plain tired.

The parents of Type I's are my heroes without a doubt, hands down. As tough as it is to deal with for myself, the only thing tougher that I can imagine is watching your child go through this and the worry and stress that comes with keeping them safe.

As a mother, I also know that you would take it upon yourself in a heartbeat if you could relieve your child of this burden. You're doing a fabulous job, learning as much as you can, and you and the other parents ROCK! :)