Diabetes is hearing about other people's fear of needles

Thought I’d share this HuffPo article–basically sums up what it’s like to live with T1D:

Diabetes is hearing about other people’s fear of needles. And love of desserts. And hemp seed treatments. And footless, blind diabetic great aunts.
Diabetes is being subject to stranger’s assumptions-as-questions: “Did you eat too much sugar as a kid?” “Do you have the bad kind?” “How are you thin?” "Can you eat that?"
Diabetes is wanting to say: “No, you’re right, I shouldn’t eat this; I may die. I had forgotten.” Diabetes is educating instead.


Any you’d add? I might add something about bruised fingers.

Diabetes is endless continuing education about subjects that your life plan really didn’t include becoming an expert in.

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Haha, exactly.

Are you saying that one can “escalate” from Type 2 to Type 1? While some people with Type 2 require treatment with injected insulin, this is not because their diabetes “escalated” from Type 2 to Type 1. Type 1 isn’t “the bad” kind of diabetes, nor is it “worse” than Type 2. Diabetes sucks regardless of Type, period.

Instead of offering help, you need to re-learn “Diabetes 101”…

Diabetes is resisting the urge to google ‘diabetes and fingernails’ because I read about it in an article on HuffPo. :smile:

For me, diabetes is riding a unicycle. It’s balance, it’s moving forward, and backward, it’s twisting and turning, and it’s always attracting attention. Sometimes I fall off, and sometimes that fall is spectacular. That fall doesn’t mean I’m going to be off forever; I climb back on and keep pedaling. Sometimes I make it all the way round the block, over the broken sidewalk, around the curious dog, and that tricky curb. Today, my balance seems really good; much better than yesterday. I don’t understand why that is so, but I’m thankful for it as I prepare to pedal round the block tomorrow.


Beautiful metaphor. Really lovely.

And wanting to take a hacksaw to your fingers because they are so calloused the blood won’t come out anymore!!! And trying to explain to people how you have a weak stomach for all things medical things medical but you have no problem licking the blood off your fingers (when you can get some) after testing…