Diabetes is No Piece of Cupcake

So…my latest and greatest venture has been workinng in a cupcakery (a bakery that caters exclusively to the cupcake loving masses). What an awful choice for a diabetic. I get my fair share of raised eyebrows. Especially when I tell them exactly what I do: make buttercream. By the powers for sugar and fat combined, I make the worst possible thing for me to be around. But I love my job and my crazy co-workers. Still, it’s not easy being a diabetic. And being a diabetic surrounded by sugary delights? It’s no piece of cupcake.

I know it’s not easy for those of the pancreatically intact to understand, but it’s not always easy to make it through the day as a diabetic…especially when you tend to suffer from your body trying to derail more than just your pancreas (like the shoulder that kills from what I’m suspecting is the start of some RA). Thankfully, my co-workers are interested in learning and supporting me. I think there’s some key points every boss and co-worker ought to know about us “workin diabetics.”

  1. There will be days when we feel like utter poo. I still come in even if I’ve been up all night dealing with pump delivery error messages, high blood sugars, or whatever other crap diabetes has thrown my way. But I still feel like poo. I will try my best to rock my job, but please be gentle if I’m not on my A game

  2. Sometimes we need to stop. I try to push through the day with minimal interruptions, but sometimes I need to stop and eat or test. I always feel guilty about it, but i’d feel worse if I passed out on thee kitchen floor.lllllll

  3. I’m not making it up and I won’t use it as an excuse. I haven’t been accused of this