Diabetes It's a family affair!

Hello all, My name is Leonie Davis and I have a daughter name Abigail Davis with type 1 diabetes she was diagnose in 2007, at the age of 15 months. I must say this comes as a shock to me not knowing anything about diabetes I was face with life time decision about my daughter and how to care for her, this has change my life a great deal have to stay home and care for her giving her insulin four time a day and testing her blood sugar before each meal and at bedtime. Abigail is a fun loving little girl who is very smart and very active, she don’t understand yet what is diabetes but she does know that she is a little different from other children who does not have diabetes. For example at birthday parties she can’t understand why she cant eat the cake or why she have to eat sugar free popsicle or why she can’t just eat anything at anytime she wants to. I think this has been the most challenging for me depriving her from food she want but can’t have at a certain time. have to say not to a two year old can be heart breaking, but it does get a little easier has she understand why. I know I have a lot of challenging ahead of me but having family who understand and people like you who care can make a big different in our life. I just want to say to you if you have diabetes weather it may be type 1 or 2 be encourage you are not a lone there are millions of Americans who experience the same things every day and we must care for each other and support each other because diabetes is a family affair. I also watch my mother have to adjust her life after she was diagnose with type two diabetes a few short months ago, I also take the initiative to check myself and found out I am pre-diabetic which give me the opportunity to do something about it. If you are a family member have diabetes spared the word about diabetes awareness and refer them to this this website tudiabetes.com so they can be encourage and also get some help. God bless you all!