Diabetes Life Hacks - #DBlogWeek

Share the (non-medical) tips and tricks that help you in the day-to-day management of diabetes. Please remember to give non-medical advice only!

I don’t really have any good advice for today’s prompt. The best we’ve come up with is using a paper clip on the meter case when the zipper breaks. But I do have a sort of reverse diabetes-hack.

There are times when having diabetes can actually come in handy. I carry snacks in my purse and in my car. There’s usually a juice box somewhere nearby. And we always have alcohol pads to clean stuff up if needed. We carry a diabetes bag and try to be prepared. I never thought we were preparing for the day my son lost his Nintendo DS stylus:

Can you see what he’s using. Look closer. Yes, that is a syringe. Benny uses a pump, but we always carry needles in our diabetes kit just in case something happens and he needs a shot.

Necessity being the mother of invention and all that, he made good use of the supplies on hand.

I’m just glad he kept the orange cap on!

doesn't he have a pen with him? i mean a writing pen :)

I love that you had to clarify what kind of pen! No, this was at a restaurant at the beach, I can’t even believe he had his DS. He didn’t ask me for a pen or anything, just fished around in the bag until he found the syringe. I looked over & he was already using it.

i carry everything i might need with me including pen & paper in addition to diabetic supplies, etc...
i do not drive so i'm always loaded