Diabetes medications

There isn’t nothing wrong with being inform about ones drugs that he or she is taking and by talking about them getting more information is very healthy. I have had doctors give out the wrong information many many times . Information is a good tool to have. Thank you all,One touch

Indeed one touch…I agree. There’ s nothing wrong when we try to find out “more” about the medications we take… its effects and reactions, etc. Information do empower us…

I think it is important that when prescribed a new medication you research it yourself. I was prescribed a statin drug by my doctor. I even asked him if it was safe and his response was all my doctor friends take statins for precaution. Well, I had a terrible reaction that destroyed a lot of my muscles. So don’t always believe your doctors.

Side effects may be rare, but if they hit you, it’s 100%!

Yes ,and you are one hundred right. All it takes is for lighting to hit you in the right place and its all over.