Diabetes -> MiniMed -> Bankruptcy =?

A friend of mine is going through a financial hardship at the present time and really don’t see any end to it. He had come to me the other night and had told me that he is planning on filing or has started the process of filing for bankruptcy. Question he had was he has a bill with MiniMed and wondering if he should also place that in. I know your suppose to enter all your debts. Just not sure how to answer this to for him. Any suggestions, thoughts.

That’s a tough question! I seem to always have stray bills from them floating around and they seem cool about it but we usually pay them approximately on time too. Sometimes I get a sense of menace when I call up about stuff but it seems like the Rx’s are more of an issue for me than the $$$? I would hate for your friend to lose his “pipeline”. I’d try to find a diabetic attorney who pumps to handle the case so you’d have someone who knew what they were talking about.

Well is he filing under chapter 13 or chapter 7 bankruptcy? That is the first question. The Acidrock has a good suggestion as well. Your friend can do some research at the library about bankruptcy to see what he should do. There might be other options for him that might be better in the long run.

If it were me, I’d just follow the rules and submit them all. It’s a crushing, humiliating process – I went through chapter 13 (aka “best effort plan”) bankruptcy about twenty years ago due to a pile of medical bills and a business that failed when I was sick. I made my monthly payments like clockwork – I also did without credit for ten to twelve years. If he’s doing a best-effort plan, he will NOT want to have a monthly payment to MiniMed on top of it. Mine was as much as my rent and it was tough to keep up with it every month. I felt like a millionaire when I made my final payment and didn’t have that huge bill hanging over me each month! Whew!!!

I have slowly repaired my credit and now have a couple of “emergency” credit cards that I use for the occasional small purchase and pay off like debit cards (I carry a $0 balance month-to-month) just to keep them active and positive on my credit report. One of the things I’m most proud of is that I don’t owe a dime to anyone at the end of the month and no one gets a dollar from me in credit card interest payments.

It’s really and truly tough to recover from bankruptcy, but given enough time and the will to recover, it can be done. Of course the best thing is to avoid it altogether, if humanly possible.