Diabetes Now & Then: ‘Diabetes Rising’ and Dan Hurley Tells Us Why

Ever thought about how much has changed in the medical world from when you were a kid to now? This week, I sit down with ‘Diabetes Rising’ author, Dan Hurley, as he shares some insights.

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Laura K.

It is indeed interesting to read how people's expectations for diabetes have changed a lot in recent times. It goes to show that treatments, medicine and modern technology is improving. This is no reason to stop, however, - it should give us motivation to keep working for a cure. We should never give up on that.

Hi Stoyan,

Thanks for commenting. I agree with you that the advancements in diabetes treatment have come a long way. I can’t wait to see what’s to come in the next few years! I would encourage you to read Diabetes Rising if you haven’t already, as Dan talks in detail about the many changes in the field of diabetes.

Laura K