Diabetes on a budget

I recently moved to Boston, where I was working at an engineering firm until a month ago when I was laid off. Back in Alabama, I had a job with great health benefits but even with benefits, diabetes was expensive. Co-pays, doctors visits, etc., these things added up. Here in Massachusetts, I’m now without health insurance and wondering how long I can go without insurance. I’m interviewing for a couple of jobs and currently have a temp job but no health insurance. I’m envious of my twenty something friends who have gone for years without health insurance and never thought twice. If anyone has any tips for getting by without insurance, please send me your thoughts. It would be great to find cheap testing supplies, as well as discounted insulin. But as I need both Novolog and Lantus, I’m not sure I’ll be able to find this. Finding a job with great health benefits is a top priority but I can’t always pick and choose.