Diabetes ... oy!

Oy. I think the part of diabetes that drives me the most nuts is just the constant, never-ending fiddling with basal rates and boluses. My basal rates and boluses stay pretty steady within a range, but it seems I’m changing things up at least once a week or more as my activity and the weather and the month changes.

A few days without keeping consistent daily records and already I am all out of whack! I adjusted my basal rates as per my endocrinologist’s suggestions and stopped waking up low, but also started spiking high after breakfast, and then into the teens (read: really high for me these days) after other meals, so I adjusted my I:C ratio up, now I’ve had about two days of good readings … no lows and no teens.

Yesterday I woke up at 12.3, which is really high for me in the morning now, but I figured I mis-bolused for something the night before, since I ate fairly close to bedtime. This morning I woke up at 11.2, which is also unusually high but again, I figured I mis-bolused for something sometime before bed.

After breakfast I tested at 3.4 with NO symptoms whatsoever which was slightly unusual. I usually feel vague symptoms at around the low 3s—at least enough to confirm by how I’m feeling that I’m low, if not enough to prompt me to test. Feeling nothing at all, especially with lots of active insulin still on board (meaning I probably dropped fairly quickly), was strange. I ate a ton of Skittles and continued on with my day …

At lunch I was 8.1 which I didn’t think much of, though I was surprised I wasn’t higher considering how many Skittles I ate. Bolused for my lunch and had no more test strips left.

Towards late afternoon got SUPER hungry. The only thing I had was Skittles so I ate some of those, thinking it would make me high. Also ate a mini orange before coming home because I was still starving.

Get home after school and test at 2.8 with no symptoms!!! Usually I have symptoms by the time I hit the 2s unless I am exercising or sleeping.

Like seriously, what is up with that?! Not a single reading in range and not feeling lows at all! I hate not feeling lows, it makes me nervous.

I am thinking I will lower my I:C ratio again, and I am also thinking I will get up in the middle of the night to test, because I’m now wondering if waking up high isn’t possibly from going low and rebounding. That would explain how I can go low twice today and not feel it at all even though I have been having far fewer lows during the day than I was before.

Oy. Back to daily logging, I think. It’s a time-consuming pain in the butt, but I seem to stay more stable that way … at least things don’t seem quite as random when I can look back and see exactly what I ate or bolused.