Diabetes Perks

So after reading The Fault in Our Stars, were they mentioned cancer perks. I realized I should use this disease I have to my advantage. I'm not talking manipulating people, well kinda but I'll leave that to my friends who now convince their parents to let them make the 5 hour drive to see me by using my diabetes (and slightly making it sound worse than it is). But using it every once and awhile to get out of chores or a boring church lecture wouldn't be to bad right?

the nurse at my health clinic told me to use it as much as i could. medical advice.

I think that it's useful to be cognizant of one's BG if you are running > 10 miles. Being used to trial and error is also helpful. And having a CGM can also provide clues about what's going on that "straight" runners don't have.

I don't want to go through life being given stuff. I want to earn it. Later in my life, when I get really old and my body starts to really not work well, then I'll accept stuff. Until then, I'm going to save up my perks.

I like using my diabetes as an excuse not to eat foods that are offered to me that look nasty. "oh, I'm sorry, I can't eat that, I have diabetes."

I'm reminded of "The Boy that Cried Wolf" If you use the excuse unjustly to often then folks will start ignoring you. I try to save my perks till really I need them.