Diabetes & Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Does anyone have diabetes and also a ‘diagnosis’ of Raynaud’s Phenomenon?

I’m asking to see if anyone has complications with managing both or has noticed improved BG control improves Raynaud’s symptoms or vice versa.

I’m newly diagnosed and beyond flirting with denial, I’m pretty active with drawing on theories of things that are connected to what’s going on with my body now. I also wonder if some of the symptoms I have associated with Raynaud’s were actually just symptoms of diabetes.

Hey....sorry for not commenting till now. I do have both...diabetes's and Raynaud's Phenomenon (among other things). My doctor seems to think that there is no connection, but I'm not too sure about that. Somewhere I read that there's a connection between Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Raynaud's ....but it's a known fact that there's a connection between Carpal Tunnel issues and Diabetes. So seems to make sense that Raynaud's is somehow tied in. I have noticed anything that actually jumped out at me in connecting the 2, other than when I'm very cold...my fingers turn blue, and when I'm very cold my bg drops. I do less activities in the Winter though, simply due to the fact that the cold hurts. Have you found any connections? If so...let me know.
Another drwback with having Raynaud's is that in extreme cold days, it take forever for me to warm up and in order to get blood flowing to my finger tips, I have to "get them going" in hot water. It's only my fingers that are affected....you?

Thanks for the response, Linda. I can't say I've come across anything firmly suggesting a link between the two. My diabetes is now well under control and despite this improvement, my Raynaud's issues (symptoms with hands and feet with the cold) have remained constant. I still get to thinking about connections... the prevalence of Raynaud's and other autoimmune diseases... diabetes and circulatory complications, Raynaud's and circulatory complications... hmmm