Diabetes Response Service Press Release


Diabetes Response Service, the first and only pro-active emergency response system for diabetics launches nationwide December 1st, 2007. The service provides scheduled daily phone call support from live operators who monitor the subscriber’s care daily to prevent hypoglycemia and complications such as seizures, brain cell death and physical death. Diabetes Response Service also provides customizable scheduled text message reminders to help manage and control blood glucose levels, and scheduled medication.

Diabetes Response Service was created by Rick Clark, a type 1 diabetic, his son Josh T. Clark and family friend Aaron Clem – both former USC roommates in Los Angeles.

“Traditional emergency response systems are counter-intuitive to diabetics.” Rick stated. “When a diabetic’s blood sugar levels are too low, the diabetic can pass out or go into seizures. At that point, the diabetic cannot push a button or activate 911.”

Diabetes Response Service designed a solution that provides routine monitoring phone calls to ensure the diabetic is safe. If a diabetic cannot answer the phone after several attempts, Diabetes Response Service alerts a subscriber’s personal contacts and neighbors on file to react to the situation. The contacts and neighbors can raise the diabetic’s blood glucose levels preventing complications in a timely manner, reducing ambulance fees and medical costs. If the diabetic’s contacts cannot be reached, Diabetes Response Service dispatches a local ambulance to the subscriber’s address on file.

Josh explained, “Parents call their kids in college. Kids call their elderly parents. Friends call friends. Neighbors call neighbors. People intuitively use their own support protocol, but there are complications. Your friends and neighbors can’t always be there when you need them, they can forget to call, and many times it is considered a burden.”

Diabetes Response Service offers a support system that is personalized and customizable through an easy to use online control panel to update schedules, phone and text services and information, along with an on/off feature that allows a diabetic to pause service calls at any time.

Aaron added, “A diabetic can sign up online or with a customer service representative. No special device is needed. The subscriber is billed a flat monthly fee per call, or text and has the ability to select how many service calls they want in addition to their time zone, address, call schedule and friend and family contact information which is all stored in a central call center database.

"We want to give diabetics independence and freedom." Stated Rick.

For more information please contact: info@diabetesresponse.com

Please visit www.diabetesresponse.com to learn more