Diabetes reversal report

has any one heard of the diabetes reversal report ?

eh? Have you? Any details?

go to : www.DiabetesReversed.com i think im going to give it a go.

That site raises a lot of flags for me…looks like just a lot of unsubstantiated claims with the sole aim of taking your money. I would avoid such things.

Natalie please for the love of all that is good in this world…do not give any of your hard earned money toward this skam.

There is absolutely no validity to the claims made on this site…and there simply is no reversing Type 1 at this time.

I must stand with the others on this one and say don’t waste your money. If however you would still like to read his book just out of curiosity you can do it without paying any money at all. I am not advocating illegal downloading of this book through a torrent site (a p2p site that allows you to download nearly anything for free, but illegally), but I’m sure that many people have found this to be a good way of reading the book and not spending any money on it. Again, this would be illegal and I do not recommend it, but it is possible that some people might have found the book on sites such as mininova.org or something similar.

Besides all that all I can say is don’t put too much hope into it. If he really had found a way to reverse diabetes you would be hearing about it through your doctors or the news, and he would be winning awards for it, not putting his book on sale on a website.