Diabetes, sport and strangers

ive only been a t1d for three years(dx at 36) but have enjoyed sport since i was a kid. my favourite activities are running, cycling and hiking. im pretty open about my diabetes, my friends and coworkers know.
when i do races, i test at the starting line where its pretty crowded and i dont feel weird about it at all. i am completely anonymous in these situations, nobody even notices.

im going to start a racing technique workout programme in my local park. its just what ive been looking for. i know in the us and the uk they have these kinds of workout classes pretty much everywhere. when i found out there was one in the park by my house i was so excited. im starting on monday.

the classes are an hour and a half of running and strength training and race technique. as i said, im excited about starting, but i am also having some anxiety about revealing my diabetes/having some kind of (not serious) hypo where people i dont know are witness to it. i can just see myself stopping in the middle of the workout to look at my outstretched hand to see if its shaking, the trainer, who knows im diabetic from the forms i filled out asking if im ok, maybe freaking out a bit, the other participants thinking, whats wrong with this woman....maybe nothing will happen, but im nervous and i dont want to be THAT person that stops everything. it has taken me two months to get around to going in to sign up because of this! talk about ridiculous.

a coworker friend of mine cycles and invited me to go with him and his friends on a five day cycling trip. this is just up my street, so much fun and a bit of a challenge. and im afraid to go because i dont want to have a hypo on the road and slow these people down that i dont know, trying to make it to the next hotel/campsite, having to explain we need to stop, apologising for making them stop, making them wait.

i dont know why its such a big deal for me to do this. i hate to just introduce myself to people and in the same day have diabetes be such a prominent part of me that they see! its so difficult to keep it under wraps with exercise.

I feel the same way and I often don't do all that I like because of it. It is ridiculous when you think of all these fantastic people on the site that are doing all kind of athletic and other great things!! I know the answer should be to get your BS as steady as possible and try to predict the unknown.

Good for you for signing up and I'll cheer on the sidelines for your five day cycling trip.;)

I'd reveal the D, tell them what to do and go. I have my amusing tattoo which is "flying the flag" and am totally open about testing, looking at my pump and chatting about it. Most of the running groups are pretty chatty. I did some cycling (40-50 miles...) with a group this year and it was pretty much the same way. I toss it out there and try to swagger about it. If we stop at the turnaround, I test and people ask questions and I pretty much tell them what's up. Every now and then somebody will ask "what do we do if you have a problem?" and I'll tell them "here's a ton of glucose in my pocket, dump it in my face..." but I haven't run into that. At the 2012 Chicago Marathon, like 24 miles into it, I slowed to a walk so the specatators (you're heading into the south Loop, so there's lots...) all go "c'mon, keep going" and then I pull out my pump and they shut up. LOL

Also, re the hypos on group rides, going faster, like 100%,can pull adrenaline to help boost your BG quickly....

Mari, cheer really loudly, im far away! My bg is pretty good, usually i can make it behave, but ill be really on top of it on monday! i guess i dont want to be seen as weak/sick.

thanks for the advice, acid. the trainer knows and i guess these people will know when i take out my meter and test. better have them find out that way than a low.
Ill keep in mind the moving at 100% to boost bg. have you ever tried it? how long do you go like that for bg to move up? my natural reaction, of course, is to stop...

Yo, pancreas, if I recall you're American. What landed you living in Spain? Just curious, friend!

i studied here at uni and i loved it. i knew i wanted to live here, and here i am, in the land of economic crisis and political corruption!! the food and weather are fantastic, feels like home now after 13 years, cant complain! luckily, my job has benefitted from the crisis and EU educational reforms.